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Goodness, it's a big truck.

It sounds SO good.

I'm not sure that a brick wall would stop this thing idling forward in first gear. I think tire traction would give first. I can't even stall it when starting in 3rd gear.

The A-pillar is always getting in my way. It's hard to turn left and actually be sure that there isn't an entire car in your way.

It looks like the pre-2003 Dodge Rams faired very poorly in National Highway Safety crash-tests. However, all the data I could find was for a 1500, rather than the 2500, and certainly not with the diesel engine. I still haven't found out if a heavier truck would do better, worse, or no different in those kinds of crashes. I hope to never find out.

Would I buy another one if I needed to get another truck? You betcha.

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