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I've tried to document some of the modifications I've made to my truck. They've all be done with the direction of the various helpful people on the TDR forums.

  • Gauge Pod Cluster - This replaces the driver's side A-pillar plastic cover with a new one with 3 shaped holes for gauges. This had to be done first, otherwise I wouldn't have anywhere to put my gauges.
  • Boost Gauge - This deals with running a vaccuum tube from the engine block up into the cab to the boost gauge.
  • Exhaust Temperature Gauge - By far the most nerve-wracking for me; it requires you to drill a hole into a perfectly good down-pipe.
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge - While simple to explain, these senders caused me, by far, the most trouble. In fact, I ended up totally replacing the senders with a different type by the time I was done.
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