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I really haven't kept the kind of date-specific notes that I wanted to when it comes to an overall picture of my truck. Instead, I'll just show some rough guesses as to when various things happened.

  • Nov 1998: buy BFTDT.
  • Dec 1998: Grid heater relay stuck on, melted a bunch of stuff and discolored the intake. All damage replaced by dealer.
  • early 1999: drive to CO and back over a weekend, towing a BMW 2002 back to Chicago.
  • Dec 1999: tow trailer out to east coast, down to Alabama, and back. Crazy person tries to get us to rear-end them.
  • late 2000: Met with other TDR folks on the edge of Iowa. Super-cool electrician wires up my windows to be ''always on''. Watched them install a pyrometer.
  • mid 2001: Installed my own boost gauge.
  • mid 2001: Installed my own pyrometer with the help of my friend's excellent cordless drill.
  • mid 2001: Replaced cab-brake-light seal.
  • mid 2001: Put on mud flaps.
  • mid 2002: Installed transducive fuel pressure senders and switched gauge.
  • last 2002: 6 mons later: transducives both fail. Order resistive instead.
  • early 2003: Brake booster failed; replaced by dealer.
  • mid 2003: Installed resistive fuel pressure senders.
  • mid 2003: Got big knobby tires.
  • Aug 2004: paid off truck loan!
  • Now: writing website.
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